Background Screening Services


InfoCheckUSA offers the following Background Screening services and features that will help you make smarter hiring decisions, save time and protect your company.


Criminal Background Checks  Criminal Records
Identify applicants criminal history nationwide.
Degree Verify  Education Verification
Verify a persons education & credentials.
DMV Driving Records  Driving History Records
Determine a persons driving history & CDL license.
SSN Identity Check  IDentity Verification
Verify a persons SSN & address & address history.
Employment Verification  Employment & Reference Checks
Verify a persons employment and references.
Civil Records Civil Records
Identify civil judgments, bankruptcies & credit.
Medical & Drug Background Screening  Healthcare Screening
Check medical sanctions, licenses and education.
Drug Test Screening  Drug Test Screening
Schedule Drug Screening anywhere in the USA. 
Tenant Screening  Tenant Background Screening
Protect your property by verifying tenants.
Volunteer Background Screening  Volunteer Background Screening
Background Checks for Volunteer Workers.
Resume Verification Resume Verification
Prevent Resume Fraud by verifying the info.
Applicant Tracking  Applicant Tracking
Recruit easily with your own tracking system. 
Criminal Re-Screen  Criminal Re-Screening
Automatically re-screen at defined intervals.
Screening Solutions
Screening Solutions Chart
Screening Recommendation Guide based on job.
The InfoCheck System  The InfoCheckUSA System
Features of our background screening system.
HelpDesk Support  HelpDesk Support System
Get 24/7 Service and Support.