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We provide Education Degree Verifications in better than industry standard turn around time. Backed by powerful user friendly and interactive web based state of the art research application software, it can be customized to meet client's unique needs. The web based interface is secure and scalable and it is designed to simplify the verification process. Intuitive and easy to use it reduces the time clients spend in completing an applicant's file.



The practice of conducting effective education background verifications for prospective employees has exploded in the workforce over the last 15 years. The need to hire the most qualified candidates, and the inherent risk in hiring the wrong candidates, has never been greater.  The costs of not performing a proper degree check can be costly for employers due to unqualified workers and resume fraud.


We Alert you if we find a DIPLOMA MILL and FAKE DEGREE !


InfoCheckUSA can provide all of your education and degree or high school background checks. All available searches that we offer are listed below with report descriptions. Custom packages and bulk pricing available. The InfoCheckUSA system utilizes cutting edge technology that no one else can match. We customize your account to meet your needs. Our Customers are top priority.


Education Verification: Degrees | Diplomas | Certifications | Licenses
This search provides verification of education status in a specified Post Secondary Education institution. GED and High School Results also available. Turn-around time is 1 to 5 Business days. We also verify certificates.

Search Fee: $14.95 (plus school record fees if applicable - school fees will vary based on school). Signed release required.


If there is NO DEGREE we will provide Enrollment information.


Verifications Performed Using:

Our System can NOTIFY you when Professional Licenses are about to expire (ie. Medical, Financial, etc..). This FREE system feature will help keep your compliance department informed.


International Education: Over 100+ Countries
In today's global economy, a growing percentage of the work force are international. InfoCheckUSA provides International Verifications for all of its screening services, including education, employment, and reference checks. Backed by powerful user friendly and interactive web based state of the art research application software, and staff proficient in foreign languages working around the clock, InfoCheckUSA can provide verifications from around the world. The interface and procedures for ordering international verifications are the same as domestic verifications. Search Fee: $59.95 (5 to 20 Business Days) - Signed Release required.





Education Verification

 DOB SUBMITTED:  05/05/1975
 SSN SUBMITTED:  222-33-5555
 SSN ON RECORD:  222-33-5555
 GRADUATED DATE:  06/05/2005