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Civil Records identifies non-criminal lawsuits filed by an applicant or against an applicant. A civil record is a non-criminal dispute between two parties and can involve contract disputes, money, property, etc. This search includes liens and judgments behavior in the backgrounds of potential partners, vendors, and clients by searching for civil filings. The records database provides filing information on civil suits from various courts, including circuit, district, small claims, chancery, and municipal courts throughout various jurisdictions in the United States.


A civil records search can determine if an individual or organization has filed suit against someone or has been sued. Civil searches can provide insight into an applicant's character. Results available 24 to 48 hours. Search Fee $14.95


PLEASE NOTE: Per FCRA we cannot report bankruptcies beyond 10 years and civil judgments beyond 7 years.


Sample Report - Civil Records


Subject Information:
Name: Wine, Brandy
AKA: None
SSN: 666-45-XXXX
Date of birth: 06/06/19XX
County/State: Jacksonville, FL
Case Information:
Case #: 257648
File date: 09/25/2007
Plaintiff: Court Report School, LLC
Defendant: Wine, Brandy
Cause of action: Contract DISPUTE ($30,500.00)
Judgment date: 06/25/2008
Judgment: Judgment for plaintiff
Note: Verified by SSN


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