Masons Criminal Background Check

Masonic Background Checks


InfoCheckUSA is the premier background check provider for Masonic Organizations in the USA. Criminal History checks identify an applicants convictions and infractions. It also allows the organization to eliminate risk and meet due diligence compliance. The Masons will have a 24/7 secure online account for processing the background reports. InfoCheckUSA will customize a setup based the organization needs - ie. each lodge can have their own account, the grand lodge can have one account for processing all checks or the applicants can process and pay for their own reports via a customized ordering page.


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Criminal Background Check





Instant National Criminal SUPERSEARCH   
Our Search empowers you to search all our instant criminal records consisting of over 800+ million records in 50 states simultaneously.This report searches across 3 databases. Includes: Criminal Records, Sex Offenses, Warrants, Arrests (Limited) and Traffic Violations (Limited to certain states).


SSN IDentity Verification

SSN background check verifies a persons name and 7 year address history which allows you to effectively confirm their identity.


Package Price: $14.99 to $24.99 (depending on the State)


Report TAT: 1 to 3 business days. Note: we verify all "hits" from the national criminal check with the county courts for accuracy.


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Email for a specific quote for your Masonic State.