Mexico Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Checks

The practice of conducting effective background checks in Mexico for prospective employees has exploded in the workforce. The need to hire the most qualified candidates, and the inherent risk in hiring the wrong candidates, has never been greater.  The costs of not performing a proper background check in Mexico can be costly for employers due to theft, workplace violence, unqualified workers, resume fraud, computer misuse, lawsuits, workmans compensation fraud, sexual harassment and more. InfoCheckUSA can provide all of your MX Background Checks.


Mexico Search Fees:

* Court Search by Jurisdiction - $39.95 per Jurisdiction

Note: There are 32 Jurisdictions in Mexico.

Note: This is NOT a computer search - we actually dispatch a researcher to the Court House to "hand-search" the records for accuracy.


Mexico Criminal Record Searches are researched by our agents. On site court search includes both felony and misdemeanor convictions. All filings are hand searched for quality control and accuracy.


InfoCheckUSA will obtain a search of at least 7-years or further upon request. You are provided with all available details of convictions including charges, offense date, conviction date, disposition and sentence. In most cases, a criminal search is returned to the customer within 3 to 10 elapsed working days of receiving the request. If a record is found on the individual, there may be a delay in turnaround time due to the fact that some records may be archived or may require assistance from the county clerk. Because many public indices contain only pointer information, and the actual records are held and controlled by the clerks, it is typical to expect court delays when researching the possible records.


NOTE: Mexico Search only includes FELONIES

Coverage: All 32 Jurisdictions



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