Criminal Re-Screening

Criminal Re-Screen

Create a safer workplace, not just by screening people as they come in the door - but in an ongoing process. This makes sure that the office clerk you hired two years ago who handles all the money hasn't fallen into credit problems or the driver in the warehouse who has worked for 6 months didn't get a suspended license last month.



By identifying criminal misconduct of employees, CrimWATCH helps your clients create a safer work environment and improve business performance. CrimWATCH regularly scans nationwide criminal databases and notifies organizations when criminal records are found for active employees.  By monitoring employees’ post-hire criminal activities, CrimWATCH enhances risk prevention measures which help minimize workplace crimes, create a safer work environment, and improve business performance. Crime in the workplace can endanger employees and cause business performance issues such as legal liability, turnover, financial loss, and unfavorable publicity.  The United States Chamber of Commerce reports that $50 billion are lost annually due to employee theft and fraud.¹  And, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that on average 1.7 million violent victimizations were committed per year against people at work or on duty. Pre-employment criminal background screening is one preventative measure organizations use to avoid losses such as these.


CrimWATCH alleviates this shortcoming by providing on-going post-hire screening that monitors current employees for criminal behavior. CrimWATCH enables employers to identify at-risk behaviors and then terminate employment of individuals that do not meet the organization’s criminal background policies.  This frequently overlooked screening is critical to fully manage the risks associated with workplace theft and violence.


From Your Account - Simply Select the Re-Screening Button

Re-Screening Feature


Typical searches that make sense for updating are credit report, driving records, national database searches, past address location, and recent county criminals. Sample target markets include education and childcare, healthcare, financial services, youth sports, transportation, HR personnel for use when performing management promotions or job reviews, and more. Clients are updated on applicants that have been last screened over six months ago through an easy to read folder that is presented on the client home page. The applicants data is prefilled from the previous report to speed the process.