Background Check Clients

InfoCheckUSA is improving America's safety one background check at a time. We strive for "best-in-class" customer service and satisfaction. We have provided quality service to thousands of clients across the world. Below is just a small list of some of our actual background check clients in the USA

Just a few of Our Many Satisfied Clients in the USA............



I would like to express my satisfaction with the products I am receiving from your company, InfoCheckUSA.
As the owner of a business where employees are dispatched to customer's homes, I have to know that the people I hire and train are trustworthy. InfoCheckUSA employee background verifications are accurate and timely. We average about a one day turn around to receive your report, once we submit a potential employee's name to you.
Thank you for providing a reliable, accurate product. We couldn't function as well without your support.

Mike Sheffield, Owner