Swift Hire Background Checks

When you send a SwiftHIRE request to an applicant, they'll receive an email requesting that they fill out their background check info online. If a SwiftHIRE applicant does not submit their information, the system can send an automatic reminder email. You can also manually send reminders via the SwiftHire management tool.  



SwiftHire. This changes everything. SwiftHire is a brand-new background screening tool that allows your applicants to initiate the screening process by submitting their own information online. Using SwiftHire, you will save time and improve efficiency by having the applicant enter their personal data directly into your ordering system.


Features that make SwiftHire truly revolutionary:

  • Built right into your account screening system
  • Allows applicants to enter their information themselves online, tracks and reports the progress, and sends automatic reminders
  • Gives you the power to create a review step for all submissions, or have the system convert submissions directly into screening requests
  • Offers a self-payment option to applicants – perfect for contractor or volunteer self-screening
  • Allows you to customize the email invitations, instructions, and reminder emails


Saves You Time - Let Your Applicants Do ALL the DATA ENTRY