State Specific MVR Information
(The DMV Mandates what Information is Reported)
 State  Information Reported   Years Reported
  MVR (Driving Records)




Records released to permissible users contain the residence, mailing address, height, weight and DOB, but no the SSN. Alaska reports all convictions except parking violations. Accidents are not reported unless action is taken, and then only specific action taken on the license is shown on the MVR.Alaska reports no unique state violations.Alaska does not permit driver school attendance in lieu of conviction.   
Minor Moving Violations   3 years
Major offenses (reckless driving, hit-and-run, etc…)   5 years
Suspensions   3 years from ending date




Hit and Run, Reckless driving, and DUI   7 years from violation date
Other convictions and accidents   3 years from violation date
Actions (Suspensions, Revocation, FRA)   3 years from violation date
Failure to Appear for DUI offense   10 years from violation date
Colorado All activities are on record for 7 years   


Moving Violations  3 years
DUI, Evading Responsibility, Driving Under Suspension  10 Years
Suspensions  Indefinite, until restored.
District of Columbia (DC)




All convictions with points are shown on the MVR, accidents will be listed if there is a conviction; however, fault in not shown. DC does not allow for driver school attendance in lieu of conviction.   
Moving Violations   2 years
DWI   10 years
Suspensions/Revocations   5 years
Florida Unlimited Notice: Florida Unlimited records might contain information that is not permitted to be communicated to an end user such as non-conviction information older than 7 years. Much of the information contained in these records may not be FCRA compliant and may not be used for Employment purposes.   Complete Driving Abstract
Moving Violations Unlimited
No-Contest Pleas Unlimited
Non-Guilty Violations Unlimited
DUI, Evading Responsibility, Driving Under Suspension Unlimited
Other convictions and accidents Unlimited




Non Moving Violations   3 years
Moving Violations   5 to 7 years (Unless CMV)
DWI   10 years
Suspensions   If closed, 6 months to 12 years; if open, indefinite












Accidents   4 to 4 1/2 years from date of conviction (unless fatality, then 5 years)
Moving Violations   4 to 4 1/2 years from date of conviction
DUI   7 years from termination date
Commercial Motor Vehicle Serious Violations   
Driving Under the Influence   55 years past conviction date
Leaving the scene of an accident   55 years past conviction date
Felony Convictions   55 years past conviction date
CDL Drivers   
Other serious convictions (any vehicle)   10 years past reinstatement date
Minor Convictions   3 years past conviction date
Accidents   10 years past accident date
Withdrawal Actions   55 years past withdrawal date or 3 years past reinstatement date




Accidents   3 years from conviction date
Minor Moving Violations   5 years from conviction date
DWI   Lifetime
Suspensions   3 to 5 years from conviction date

The driving record will show all reported in-state and out-of-state convictions dating back to the mid 1980’s for a driver (who has been a MA resident since that time). Otherwise, the record will show convictions from the date after the mid 1980’s that the person obtained a MA license.





Accident   Does not appear unless suspension/revocation action taken
Moving Violations   3 years
DWI   Permanent
Suspensions   5 years after reinstatement




Seatbelt convictions are not listed on the driving record.   
Accidents are not reported unless the damage is over $500 and a conviction is rendered   
Traffic Convictions   Points applied for three years
DUI (1st and 2nd Offense within 5 years)   Points applied for three years
Suspensions   Varies according to violation, ninety days to indefinite.
Unsatisfied Judgment   Six years
All traffic violations remain in the state database indefinitely. Surrendered licenses are purged from the computer system five years after the expiration date.   
Court Print

Convictions for major traffic offenses, commercial driver license  entries, diversion agreements  and alcohol rehabilitation entries

 At least 10 years

Convictions for minor offenses and accidents

 At least 5 years

Suspensions, cancellations, and  revocations also are included

 3 or 5 years 

May contain miscellaneous  administrative entries, multiple status  entries and some out of state    
  commercial entries.


Entries shown on  court print may exceed time periods listed due to annual file purging scheduling.





Non Moving Violations   Does not appear
Moving Violations   5 years
Suspensions   5 years
SR Judgment   11 years




Accidents   Reported only if convicted for a moving violation
Moving Violations   3 years
Alcohol/Drug related violations   6 years
Mandatory Convictions in Commercial Vehicle   10 years
Withdrawals   3 years




Moving Violations   3 years
Speeding   5 years
Reckless driving offenses   11 years
DWI   11 years
Suspensions   24 months from complied date




Employment Records
Who can order?
Employers and their agents, for the purposes of determining if a driver should be employed to operate a *commercial vehicle.   
*"Commercial Vehicle" means any vehicle the principal use of which is the transportation of commodities, merchandise, produce, freight, animals, or passengers for hire, as defined in Chapters RCW 46.04.140 and RCW 46.25.010(6).   
Effective July 26, 2009, RCW 46.52.130 will allow for the request of an employment ADR for non-CDL holders, by an employer, prospective employer, volunteer organization, or an agent acting on behalf of an employer, prospective employer or volunteer organization. The ADR may be issued provided the person drives as a principle part of their job duties.   
Moving Violations   5 years
Accidents   5 years
Accidents (Commercial Vehicles)   10 years
Commercial vehicle related convictions   55 years
Alcohol Related convictions   15 years
Suspensions, Revocations or disqualifications   5 years from release date
Vehicular Assault, Deferred Prosecution   Permanently
Insurance Records
Who can order?
Insurance Carriers, Insurers and their agents, who use such information to create and/or renew insurance policies.
  • Commercial Carriers/Insurers/Agents
  • Non-Commercial Carriers/Insurers/Agents
  • Life Carriers/Insurers/Agents
    Convictions, Violations   3 years (Commercial, Non-commercial and Life records)
    Transit Records
    Who can order?
    Employees or agents of a transit authority and/or volunteer organizations, to determine if a driver meets the insurance and risk management requirements necessary to drive a vanpool vehicle.   
    Moving Violations   5 years
    Accidents   5 years
    Accidents (Commercial Vehicles)   10 years
    Commercial vehicle related convictions   55 years
    Alcohol Related convictions   15 years
    Suspensions, Revocations or disqualifications   5 years from release date
    Vehicular Assault, Deferred Prosecution   Permanently




    Moving violations suspensions/revocations   5 years from date of conviction
    Alcohol-related or serious offense violations   55 years
    Accidents   4 years from date of accident
    Revocation based on damage judgment   20 years
    Serious convictions and commercial motor vehicle disqualifying offenses   55 years




    Moving violations, uninsured accidents, compulsory insurance violations, administrative per se & refusals, nonresident violator compact violations, and proof of financial responsibility withdrawals.   3 years of history
    Driving under the influence, reckless driving, accident judgements, vehicular homicide, leaving the scene of an injury accident, a felony which is a result of manner of driving, and transporting liquor to a minor convictions and withdrawals   5 years of history
    Since July 1, 1989, accidents are only reported if the driver has no insurance.