How to Order an I9 Background Report

To Properly Order an I9 Verification, you need the NAME, ADDRESS, DOB and SSN + IDentity Documents:

(1) Login to your online account.

(2) Select the ORDER REPORTS tab.

(3) Enter the SUBJECTS  Name, DOB (mm/dd/yyyy), SSN and ADDRESS.

(4) Scroll down to select PACKAGES/SEARCHES and click the drop down box.

(5) Select ORDER INDIVIDUAL SEARCHES and click the GREEN SELECT button.

(6) Find the I-9 Employment Verification Search then click on the search bar -

NOTE: You may have to click SHOW MORE SEARCHES at the bottom to the find the search.

(7) The bar will expand for more Information.

(8) Enter the requested information then click SAVE.

(9) The search will turn GREEN which means its ready to be processed - now click the GREEN ORDER button on top Right.



How Long will the Search Take?

For a "clear", or immediate authorization, it can take up to 10 minutes to complete. For an applicant to go through the full process, depending on how quickly they get their forms completed, it can take up to a couple weeks.  There's no way to determine ahead of time how many levels of review an applicant will require, though the majority will pass at the first or second level of verification. The majority of your verifications should come back as authorized instantly; those applicants who are not initially authorized will have a specific series of steps that you will be prompted to perform.