How to Order an Employment Verification Report

To properly order a verification, you need the name, date of birth, ssn and employer information:

(1) Login to your online account.

(2) Select the ORDER REPORTS tab.

(3) Enter the applicants Name, DOB (mm/dd/yyyy) and SSN (if available).

(4) Scroll down to select PACKAGES/SEARCHES and click the drop down box.

(5) Select ORDER INDIVIDUAL SEARCHES and click the GREEN SELECT button.

(6) Select PAST EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION and the gold bar will expand.

NOTE: You may need to Click SHOW MORE SEARCHES.

(7) Enter the employer information.

NOTE: If you need to order more than 1 verification for the same person then click ADD ANOTHER.

(8) On top right you will see your order total - now click the GREEN ORDER button.

(9) The system will confirm your order.