How to Order a Drug Screen Test

To Order Drug Screenings via your InfoCheckUSA account please email SUPPORT@INFOCHECKUSA.COM with your account information and the type of drug screenings needed. We will configure your account within 1 business day to be able to properly order the tests. You will then follow the steps below.

Ordering Process:

STEP 1: Login to your account and select Order Reports.

STEP 2: Enter the Applicant Information.

STEP 3: Under Select Packages/Searches - Choose your Drug Screening Package with preferred Lab (Labcorp or Quest) then click SELECT.

STEP 4: Click on the DRUG SCREEN search bar and it will expand.

STEP 5: Now select SCHEDULE NOW or Donor will Schedule and Choose Drug Screen Reason then Click SAVE - the bar will turn GREEN.

STEP 6: Now click the Green ORDER button on top right.

FINAL STEP: If you chose SCHEDULE NOW - you will be taken to the scheduling wizard to complete the process and generate your e-FORM that will be printed out and taken to the lab. If you chose DONOR WILL SCHEDULE - the applicant will receive an email with the link to the scheduling wizard.

Search Bar:


Choose Schedule Type:


Complete Search Information:


DONOR (Applicant) email if they will schedule their own Test:


Scheduling System:



E-FORM (Electronic Chain of Custody Form) must be take to Lab: