How to Order a County Criminal Check

To Properly Order a County Check, you need the NAME and DOB of the Subject:

If you also order the SSN Report with the County Check the system will automatically suggest the counties you should order.

(1) Login to your online account.

(2) Select the ORDER REPORTS tab.

(3) Enter the SUBJECTS  Name and DOB (mm/dd/yyyy).

(4) Scroll down to select PACKAGES/SEARCHES and click the drop down box.

(5) Select COUNTY CRIMINAL  under Packages and click the GREEN SELECT button.

(6) You will now see all INDIVIDUAL searches in the system - Find COUNTY CRIMINAL and click on it.

(7) The search will turn ORANGE and expand for more information. Select the STATE and COUNTY then click SAVE. The default record search is 7 Years however you can select as far back as 25 years (additional fees apply.)

 If you need to search another COUNTY select ADD ANOTHER and select STATE then COUNTY and click SAVE. -- the search bar will turn GREEN.

(8) Click the GREEN ORDER button on top right - your TOTAL and Court Fees (if any) will be displayed.

-- some county courts charge a court access fee anywhere from $5.00 to $65.00 (some NY counties) and this fee will be added to the $15.95 search fee. The average court access fee is $10.00.

NOTE: The system will CONFIRM that your ORDER was successfully placed. County checks take 3 to 7 business days depending on the county.