How to Order a Background Check Report

To order a new report for an applicant through your client portal, just click the Order Reports button at the top to get started. From here, you will:

Enter applicant information

At the top of the page, enter the basic information about the applicant, including name, date of birth, social security number, and address, as shown below.

Make sure to include all information you have. If you leave out a required field - for example, if you leave out the date of birth when ordering a county criminal - the system will flag you upon ordering that you need to supply that field.

Depending on your setup, you may have one or more of the optional fields as shown below.

Here are explanations for these fields:

Choose a package or pick your searches

Depending on your setup, you may be able to order custom packages, individual searches, or both. Just click the dropdown next to Select Package as shown below. Then you can choose from pre-defined Company Packages, if available, or you can select your own searches by choosing Order Individual Searches.

If you choose a company package, then the searches included in that package will be automatically chosen and ready. If you choose to order individual searches, then you can click on the searches you want to order as explained below. Make your selection then CLICK

Auto-populate your searches

Before you fill in details of your searches, it's usually a good idea to populate your searches with past address history. This means that the system will automatically fill in counties and states for several common criminal and civil searches based on the address (or addresses) you enter for the applicant, plus any addresses found by running a Past Address History search. This will save you a lot of time in entering your searches.

Just check the box that reads Populate Searches with Past Address History, as shown below. Then, as you choose searches or a package, any eligible searches will automatically fill in counties and states, which you can then review by clicking the search name.

Enter details for searches

When you pick a package, or as you click on individual search names to order them, any searches that require additional information will have an orange background; any searches that are completed will have a green background.

When you click on an orange-colored search, you'll be able to fill in the necessary fields. Remember to click Save when finished; this will validate what you enter. As long as the bar is orange, the search is not yet completely entered, so remember to click Save.

Notice that the name of the field displays in the field itself. Once you've typed something in a field, if you need to remember the field name, just roll your mouse over the field as shown.

Adding more entries to a single search

You can also add additional schools, employers, counties, and so on under a specific search. Just click the + Add another link at the bottom of any search section after clicking the search title.

Adding and removing search types

As you are ordering, you can add or remove search types at any time.

To remove a search type, just click the X to the far right of the search name. If you remove it accidentally, just re-click the title to add it again; all your previously saved information will be remembered.

To add a new search, click any search name that's currently gray (meaning it's not part of the current order). This will change the search name to orange or green; if it changes to orange, you can add the details as mentioned above.

You will often have a Show More Searches button at the bottom, showing you searches that are not part of the package or that you have not ordered previously. Click this button to review other searches you can order.

Confirm and submit your order

When you have entered all necessary information, scroll to the top of the page. From here, you can click the button on the top right to confirm and place your order.

If any fields are not the right format, or any searches have not been saved (and still have orange titles), you'll be prompted to make corrections before you submit.

Note: If you usually order the same set of searches - whether it's a package or a custom set of searches - you can save your order as a personal package before clicking . Just click the Save order configuration for use in future orders option above the search names, then name your personal package as demonstrated below.

What's more, if you normally order this same package for all applicants, you can check Set this as your default ordering package. That way, the next time you begin an order, the package will be auto-selected before you even enter the applicant's personal information. (You can always choose a different package or modify your searches, even if you set a default ordering package.)